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You are a veterinarian, and you love your patients. But you are also a business owner, and you have additional responsibilities beyond your sick, furry friends. You need to take care of your business, as well as your employees, vendors, your family and your employees’ families. That amounts to a ton of cash going out the door every week, in addition to payroll, inventory, rent and overhead.

Did you know that the average veterinary practice (per doc) regularly incurs operating expenses totaling over $64,000 PER YEAR?
Do you wish you could focus more on doing what you love, and less about the financial stress of the job?
Do you sometimes wonder if there isn’t a better, more profitable way to manage your business?  
If so, Simple Accounting Solutions can help.


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We can help!

Services We Provide For Veterinarians

Bookkeeping & Accounting
We crunch the numbers so you don’t have to. With Simple Accounting Solutions handling the books, you have more time and energy to spend doing what YOU love.

Fee Schedule Review
Not sure where your fees stand in the regional market for your services?  Are you charging too much or too little?  There’s only one way to find out, and it starts with a fee schedule review with our team of professionals.

Physical Inventory & Evaluation
We can help you manage your physical inventory and provide an evaluation to see if there are any areas that could improve your bottom line.

Doctor Profitability Assessment
Are you looking for a way to balance your generous nature with the reality of owning your own business? Let’s sit down and assess your overall profitability, and see how we can make improvements.

Veterinary Software Integration
Simple Accounting Solutions can help you integrate your veterinary software in a way that facilitates easier bookkeeping, which makes everyone happy, from your customers and their owners, to your accountant and her team!

QuickBooks Software Advisory
We know that QuickBooks can be a little intimidating at times. Let us sit down and teach you the best way to set up your software, making your operations run more smoothly, from day-to-day to end-of-year.

Inventory Control & Loss Prevention
A sometimes overlooked area in veterinary accounting, inventory control and loss prevention are critical to any businesses success, including yours. Chat with Simple Accounting Solutions’ team to find out how and why you need to make inventory control and loss prevention a priority.

Monica Sewell of Simple Accounting Solutions, LLC has done the bookkeeping for Midshore Veterinary Service for the past 7 years. Monica is responsible for the day to day bookkeeping at our hospital. She is an important part of our team and is not only our bookkeeper, but a trusted advisor. She has a profound understanding of the intricate systems of our clinic and I would recommend her for her bookkeeping services.

Steve Harris

Owner & President, Midshore Veterinary Service

I have worked with Monica Sewell in the capacity of a bookkeeper for the Mid-Shore Veterinary Hospital for over ten years.  I have found Monica to be very precise and responsive.  Monica also has a good understanding of the numbers and great insight as to the financial health of the practice.  Monica helped to convert the practice to the AAHA Standard Chart Of Accounts and has a very good understanding of veterinary economics.  I would highly recommend Monica and her bookkeeping services.

Mark Opperman

President, VMC, Inc.

Veterinary Accounting

There is a special place in our hearts here at Simple Accounting Solutions for veterinary care providers, and the animals they serve. That’s why we specialize in veterinary accounting, and offer solutions to ease the burden of managing a business for veterinarians.

Caring for animals is your business…caring for your practice is ours.

Contact us today to get started!